TeX Organizer

TeX Organizer 1.15

TeX Organizer is a simple utility to organize the use under Windows
1.15.1 (See all)

TeX Organizer is a simple utility to organize the use under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003 of a group of DOS and/or Windows programs that are to be applied to a single file or to a group or related files. The best example (but not the only) is provided by TeX. Let us assume that you have a DOS (or even Windows) version of TeX.
You may also use some utilities to manage references, to draw figures, to view the PostScript output on the screen, etc. Another (simpler) example would be the writing of Windows help files which implies using a RTF editor, the help compiler and, maybe, a program to view the log file containing the errors.
All this mess may be easily handled by using TeX Organizer: You only have to select the main file (Sample.tex in our example) from a standard open dialog box or by dragging it from the Explorer and then press the buttons corresponding to each or the programs and utilities that you want to apply to the main file or to related files.
Main features:
-your favorite editor to write and modify (in Plain TeX, LaTeX or another format) the source file, say Sample.tex.
-the typesetting program to create the Sample.dvi file.
-a DVI viewer to check the results.
-a DVI to PostScript translator to generate the Sample.ps file.
-a program to send the PostScript file to the printer.
-a file viewer to check the Sample.log file for errors.
-a batch file to erase the intermediate Sample.aux, Sample.log and Sample.ps files.

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